160 m

are you man enouhth?

Thursday March 16th – what a sad day………………..

Dismantling of the 1197 kHz mediumwave array (4 towers each 123 m/approx. 400 ft) Thursday March 16th 2006. By the time this picture was taken 3 of the 4 towers were already torn down. Just 6 weeks ago one of the towers was still used for the CQWW CW 160 m Contest. Although too high for effective low angle radiation for this band it was a unique last chance experience as the picture tells. The “Erdinger Moos” as the area about 15 kms northeast of Munich/BAVARIA is called and home of the antenna array will never be the same – at least for us topband hams who live amateurradio with every breath and especially for those who had the chance to operate from there.