Roger Mulzer
Reitgarten 112
84432 Hohenpolding
Tel.: (0049)-8706-1522
E-Mail: dl5rbw@mulzer.de

DL5RBW is located in Reitgarten right ON the borderline between Lower and Upper Bavaria. As you will have difficulties to find Reitgarten on your map here are 3 reference points.

It is located

  • 15 kms south of Landshut
  • 20 kms northeast of the NEW Munich International Airport
  • 50 kms northeast of the city of Munich
  • next to the Bundesstrasse 15 (B15). 

The elevation is 516 m  (1693 ft) above sealevel and  it has a population of about 40 people. If the visibilityallows you can have a breathtaking view to the North into the Bavarian (Bohemian) Forest or to the South into the famous Bavarian Alps. 

The Story

Planning and constructing this rotatable tower which in my opinion makes the most economic solution when it comes to put up several antennas took about 10 years. Of course it wasn’t a full time job. Endless different approaches have been discussed, discarded and started all over again. Finally we found what we were looking for. Then the permission procedure began. As this was managed we could start to erect the tower. That was back in 1994. Only used to average beam antennas at average heigths in the past this antenna installation makes a significant difference especially in the periods of low sunspot numbers.

The tower

“Homemade”  36 m (120 ft) rotatable tower made from 17 individual triangular sections each 2 m (6 ft) long. The sections are 88 cms (35 inches) wide and weigh about 45 kgs each. Hot dip galvanizing plus an additional coating of specialpaint ensure a long rustless life expectancy.

The antennas

Following antennas/antennasystems are mounted to the side of the tower:

  • 14 MHz: 6 Element Monobandyagi at 36 m (120 ft) on a 16 m (52 ft) boom
  • 21 MHz: 6 Element Monobandyagi at 22 m (72 ft) on a 12 m (40 ft) boom
  • 28 MHz: 6 Element Monobandyagi at 17 m (56 ft) on a 8 m (26 ft) boom
  • 24/18/10 MHz: 3 Element Yagi – CUSHCRAFT A3WS at 26 m (85 ft)
  • 28/21/14/7 MHz: 6 Element LogYagi at 11 m (33 ft)
  • 7 MHz: shuntfed boom of the 15 m Yagi
  • 3.5 MHz: shuntfed tower
  • 1.8 MHz: shuntfed tower

The equivalent electrical length of the tower is supposed to be about

  • 60 m (200 ft).

If time permits and if I am not too lazy Beverage antennas are erected for receiving on the Low Bands in the wintertime.

My thanks go to all who supported me in this project and without whomthe whole undertaking wouldn’t have been possible (alphabetical order):

  • DF1RS, Dietmar
  • DF9RD, Sigi
  • DL5RBK, Chris
  • DL6RBZ, Bert
  • DL8RBR, Andy
  • DL9RDM, Mark
  • my brothers Roland, Gerald (thanks for software support!), my parents
  • AND my very patient XYL Gabriele.

Thank you for visiting the homepage. I hope you enjoy it.

see you on the bands…………….73s Roger